Most Beautiful Places in Canada You Should Visit

Canada is a large country in the northern part of North America which has a lot of beautiful places that are very attractive. This is because it’s surrounded by mountains and the ocean that makes it beautiful scenery. It’s also a source of many prominent rivers that runs across this country giving it different tourist attraction sites that have made Canada a travel destination to many people.

In this article, we’re going to take a look at some of the most beautiful places in Canada.

Queen Charlotte Lodge

This area is very rich when it comes to culture, Cliffside ocean vistas, as well as rainforests. The islands here together with the community that lives around known as the Haida people are well known due to their totem poles carvings ability. Also if you happen to visit this place in June you’ll find a lot of festivals that are conducted by Haida people. It’s one of the best places here in Canada. You can even take a tour at Delkatla and watch over 130 different bird species.

Abraham Lake

This is one of the beautiful sites that you’ll want to try when you travel to Canada. This is because, as temperatures in the Canadian Rockies fall to negative degrees, there is a release of methane gas from the bottom of Abraham Lake. This gas produces bubbles that ultimately freeze into the ice that’s formed when the water freezes. This makes the lake look frozen at the top with glassy orbs that are suspended below. This is a beautiful site to watch. After temperatures increase the whole lake remains shinning due to the glassy crystals that are left behind.

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Jasper National Park

This is one of the most beautiful sceneries in Canada. During the summer you can go out for hiking, watch the waterfalls cascading, as well as visit glacial lakes. You’ll also be in a position to view Whistlers Mountain.

It also has a dark-sky preserve that is very favorable for astronomers to watch the sky at night. You can also take a scenic drive on Icefields Parkway which has a glassy floor when observed from Sunwapta Canyon.

Bay of Fundy

Here it’s a bay that experiences tides that are over 50 feet high which makes it the place with the highest tides in the world. It’s estimated that 140 billion tons of water move in and out of this bay two times a day. This gives you a chance for you to watch whales that are visible in the long tide pools. You’ll also be in a position to see arches shaped rocks at the coast due to the erosion caused by these high tides.

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Dempster Highway

It’s over 450 miles long. This highway is characterized by gravel topped adventure which gives you the experience of a place that has not been interfered with by people leading to pollution. As you take a drive through this road you’ll come across rivers, tundra scenery, Richardson Mountains, as well as endless sunshine. It’s a very good area, especially for camping.

Cavendish Beach

It’s located in the smallest province in Canada that is very popular for oysters, in Prince Edward Island National Park. This beach has a very nice sand white shoreline. It even has rocky cliffs that look red. Many tourists also come here for deep sea fishing as well as golfing.

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Banff National park

It’s located on the northern side of Montana. In it, you’ll find Lake Louise that sparkles when the glacier in it feds during thawing. During the summer you can take a hike to the top of Mount Whitehorn to take a view of Victoria Glacier as well as Lake Louise which is very spectacular. You’ll also find tourists ice skating during winter which makes it very popular during the winter season.

Western Brook Pond

It’s very adventurous to watch Western Brook Pond due to its natural beauty. This pond is usually 10 miles long. It’s found on the Western side of Newfoundland. It will take you eight hours for you to drive from St John to reach this lake. You’ll then have to walk for two miles so that you can access boats that will take you around lake waters. Here you can watch the beautiful scenery of cascading waterfalls. There are also very old cliffs that are believed to be over a billion years. Also, you’ll get a chance to watch the famous Long Range Mountains.