Fruit Picker Jobs Available In Australia – Apply Now

Fruit Picker Jobs Available In Australia

Fruit picker jobs are available In Australia, Fruit pickers, often referred to as harvesters, are an important part of the agriculture industry because fruit is delicate and requires gentle harvesting techniques. Mechanized picking machines can damage or destroy fruit during the picking process. Approximately 75 percent of U.S. vegetables are machine harvested, but less than half of fruit cops use mechanized labor, according to Rural Migration News. Fruit pickers must be detail-oriented, fast and reliable so they can remove fruit without loss. Orchard managers have their own procedures for harvesting fruit, so pickers must learn procedures and tips to satisfy their boss’s expectations.


  • Identified, picked, and sorted fruits according to size, type, and also ripeness.
  • Checked fruits of different sizes and types and removed rotting as well as over-ripened fruits.
  • Measured and packed high quality fruits into boxes and loaded those boxes in trucks.
  • Received, counted, labeled and stored inventory of items, as required.
  • Operated and maintained various equipments for harvesting fruits and other related tasks.
  • Cleaned and tidied job site and maintained a safe workplace.
  • Distinguished and harvested all fruits according to size, shape, and color.
  • Used hand tools, ladders, and other equipments and completed assigned tasks efficiently.
  • Sniped stems and separated unwanted substances from fruits.
  • Weighed, placed, and arranged fruits into containers, carefully and properly.
  • Packed and loaded filled fruit-containers onto trucks for transportation.
  • Removed damaged and defective fruits and cleaned work site, as required.