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Entrance Scholarship For International Undergraduate At McGill University Canada


McGill University in Canada is offering an entrance scholarship to international undergraduates. The scholarship is a one-year scholarship for those fresh undergraduates who just gained admission. To be eligible, you have to gain admission into McGill University for a full-time undergraduate program or course.

Those who are not eligible are Transfer, Diploma Exchange, Mature, Special, Part-time, and Visiting students. And it must be your first time to apply for an undergraduate program or course.


Applicants must show some level of academic performance to qualify because the scholarship is solely based on merit. It is not a need-based or financial need scholarship, so no one would expect you to present proof of family annual or monthly earnings.

If you are interested in this scholarship and you wish to apply for admission to McGill University, you can get more information here.

Benefits and Award

International undergraduates who eventually wins the McGill University Entrance scholarship will receive stipends between $3,000 to $10,000. You will need good academic achievement to land the scholarship but then you will be able to renew the scholarship solely based on continuous outstanding academic achievements, leadership in the school and community activities.

Eligibility Criteria

The McGill University Entrance scholarship is a merit-based scholarship program, this means you will need to goo academic records and leadership qualities to be eligible.

Be enrolled in a full-time undergraduate program at McGill University.

International students are required to be proficient with both written and spoken English and equally provide an English test result as proof.

Applicants are also required to present two reference letters and a statement from your high school.

Scholarship decisions are made during the admission process and are based on academic information available at that time. There is no reconsideration of additional or final results.

Application Deadline:

This scholarship holds every year so do not wait to be admitted to McGill to apply for a scholarship. Apply by the following deadlines: applicants from a Quebec CEGEP March 7; applicants from a school in the rest of Canada February 7; applicants from a school outside of Canada January 22.

For more information on this scholarship and how to apply click here

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